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Modern Picnic

How I Built Modern Picnic with Founder Ali Kaminetsky

Ali shares her founder's story of how she went from an idea, to a stapled together  template for the first Modern Picnic lunch bag, to a fast growing brand that is sold in luxury stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

This episode educates, inspires and gives you an edge to win in your business and in your life.

About Ali Kaminetsky
Forbes Next 1000 List-Maker, Ali Kaminetsky of Modern Picnic, disrupted the cooler industry in 2018 when she created a lunch box created for the cosmopolitan working woman. The chic, functional, sustainable, vegan leather lunch box has been celebrated by over 200 media outlets, including Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, The Today Show and more. 

Since its launch, Modern Picnic has grown into a multi-million dollar business with roots in charity, women’s empowerment, and their commitment to creating innovative, multifunctional products.

Ali began the entrepreneurship journey right after graduating from college, working in the retail industry. She would bring her lunch to work everyday because of how much faster, cheaper and healthier it was. However, she quickly realized she did not have a chic or functional way to do so. When she googled “lunchbox” she saw options for little kids and men, but nothing for women who wanted to look good or do good. It was clear the outdated lunchbox needed a makeover, and from there, Modern Picnic was born.


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