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Peak Performance with Kristen Faulkner Professional Cyclist on the UCI World Tour

Kristen opens up and shares her story from clipping in to her first bike ride six years ago to leaving a venture capital job to pursue her calling and winning podium finishes on the UCI World Tour.

Where do YOU feel like you are your BEST self?  Are you brave enough to follow that?

You'll leave with the courage that YOU can do it too. and reach your peak performance. Why not you?

About Kristen Faulkner
Kristen is from Homer, Alaska, a quaint fishing village that is also the halibut fishing capital of the world. In Alaska, she cultivated her passion for the outdoors and for adventure. She spent her summers hiking, fishing, making homemade rasberry jam, and competing at local swim meets.

She learned the value of hard work as a kid working in my parents’ hotel and restaurant. She explains when asked why she worked so hard it was because she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life cleaning toilets and checking in guests :)

Kristen graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in computer science.  She was a varsity rower for 2.5 years in college and placed 2nd at the Junior World rowing Championship in 2010. 

After graduation, Kristen worked as an investment associate at Threshold Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. 

In addition to investing, she's passionate about gender equality and supporting more women in technology, entrepreneurship, and investing.  As an investor, she hosted free office hours for female entrepreneurs and was a cohort captain for All Raise, a community of female Venture Capitalists.

In 2016 Kristen I attended a free, introductory women’s clinic for cycling in New York City and immediately fell in love with the sport. In mid-2018, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2020, began racing for the Professional UCI Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank (which has since become the WWT team EF-Education-Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank). 

She's primarily a road racer, though she has explored other disciplines including gravel, track, and Zwift. She represented the United States at 3 World Championships: 2020 (Zwift E-worlds), 2021 (Road Race) and 2022 (Road Race and Time Trial).

Kristen currently rides for Team Jayco Alula. 





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