Wyatt got into the barbecue restaurant business because of his love of cooking outside after spending years in kitchens in San Francisco getting yelled at by talented, but hot headed chefs. Listen in to learn his journey from working in kitchens, to being a sales representative for a surf board company to buying a grill, some meat and launching his business in Half Moon Bay, California. Wyatt gives us some high performance tips (HPT's) on how to be the Pitmaster of your backyard and grill some amazing barbecue.  ABOUT EDGE You are watching episode #47 from Season 1 of the EDGE Podcast where the show was called Build a Business Success Secrets. Starting in Season 2, episode 168, we changed our name to EDGE to better reflect what we do on the podcast, giving business owners the edge to beat their competition. Thanks for watching and please hit subscribe to get updates to our channel. RESOURCES & LINKS: ____________________________________________ ► Sign up for the EDGE's Weekly Newsletter and BONUS material. It's FREE! https://brandoncwhite.com/newsletter/ #bbq #businessowner #pitmaster #podcast