Show Notes

We Entrepreneurs are always so excited about turning our idea into a business, or taking our business and scaling it to the moon, that we will do about anything to get our idea funded.

The challenge with that is that taking money from venture capitalists, or any investor, is just like getting married.

Before any of us would get married to anyone, we'd always want to date for a while and have some fundamental questions we'd want answers.

I put together 3 key questions you want to ask any venture capital firm you're pitching before taking their money.

Don't make the mistake of taking money from an investor or firm that is not a fit.

It can result in you losing your whole business, and most of the time not because you had a bad product, or that customers did love it, or because your sales were not increasing, but because it just wasn't a fit.

These are the 3 questions I learned to always ask from my 20+ years as an Entrepreneur and raising money.

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